meI like to see myself as an open-minded Baby Boomer in transition from an employee mindset to becoming an entrepeneur.

My name is Deana Wilmink-Martina, I’m married to Ronald Wilmink and we have two grown sons, both students at the time I’m writing this.

I was born and went to school on Curacao, in the Caribbean.
For the last 30 years and some, I’ve been living in the Netherlands, in Europe, where my husband and our sons were born and grew up.

My objective with this blog is to write as a Blogging Baby Boomer about my journey in this, above mentioned, transition, becoming knowledgeable, learning the basics of the industry I’ve chosen to operate in.

I would appreciate interaction with my readers and hope my audience keeps coming back to read and leave their comments.
This will help me get better and know what my readers would like me to write about.