A Blog I Would Recommend You Pay A Visit.

I don’t have blogs on my blogroll yet but I do have a blog I would recommend you to check out.
This blog is a feast to my eyes.

As much as I would like my own blog to evolve in a conversational blog, where the writer of the blog, has interaction with the readers audience, I do enjoy this blog so much, because of things you wouldn’t easily find on my blog.

The owner en writer of this blog, eof737, Elizabeth Obih Frank, writes very good, she has a unique and creative way of mixing colorful images and photo’s with good writing and interesting quotes.

The killer content on this blog reflexes the interest the writer has in different cultures and in nature in general.

Two weeks ago she had a blog post about the 10 reasons she thinks you should blog.
I have seen lots of articles about this subject, but hers is something so different than all the others I’ve seen.

It’s a combination of good writing, fantastic images, and interesting quotes. A colorful mix of all three things, as I already mentioned “A feast to my eyes”. Something so unique.

I would recommend you to go take a look at this blog: eof737

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Do you also have such a blog you love to visit?

Do you have a bog you do find very special and would recommend to others?
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